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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  July 3, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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we begin with developing news tonight. dozen of cars destroyed in a fire at a rental car company. the fire started just about two hoursing ago, and john alston is at the hertz rental car lot in south fran seasons where it happened. how did this happen? >> reporter: at this point firefighters are looking at the possible that people using illegal fireworks started this blaze, which destroyed dozens of cars, caused a local motel to be evacuated, and the fire was reported at quarter to 3:00 this afternoon. it initially started as a grass fire. grass under some of the vehicles in the hertz overflow lot caught
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fire. initially eight cars went up in flames, but because it's very windy, car after car started catching on fire, and in the end 37 vehicles went up in flames. this is on airport boulevard, near gateway, behind the motel 6. that was evacuated as a precawsmghts the fire is out but a number or engines are standing by, and at any moment the motel 6 will be re-opened. there was a lot of smoke in the area. now, deputy fire chief her no south san francisco said they had been talking to people in the neighborhood. they were getting reports people were using illegal fireworks near this overflow lot, dismeats -- and that's what they expected started the fire. grass under the cars caught fire, only a few went up at first, but the wind carried it to other cars, and in the end,
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37 vehicles. nobody hurt in the fire. >> alan: now to the weather. the bay area got a blast of summer heat today. it was so hot today that it has been declared a "spare the air", day, and we're under a heat advisory in the inland areas. let's check in with meteorologist leigh glaser. did we break any records? >> leigh: we didn't. we'll know more as the national weather center compiles their data, but i can show you how warm it is right now. livermore last hour hit 100. brentwood, 102. trace y, 100. a bit cooler now san francisco, 78. 69 in half moon bay. and these numbers up as much as 15 degrees from where we were this time yesterday. now, as alan mentioned, the heat
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advisory for inland locations. some locations, 10 to as much 150s 5. so we'll look for slow cooling this evening. i want to point out the low clouds and fog just off the coast. it backed off the coast today. that's why we warmed up. it's going to move inland. get ready for a slight cooldown tomorrow. >> alan: now a look at how the heat is affecting everyone, especially in the inland areas. we're live at the alameda county fair where it's 97 degrees. >> reporter: unbelievable. it has practically hovered around that number all day. this is a cooling summer where some mist started kicking my way, and this is where the paramedics have been's all day long. >> there you go. >> some people just can't help it. the bigger the fireworks, the
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better the holiday. even if the big pack costs $239. and in dublin, one of the few polices in alameda county where it's trial guy sell fireworks, every purchase, big or small, comes with a warning. >> we ask them to please stay where it's legal. please stay in dublin. we ask them to go the parks that are designated for fireworks. >> even if parks aren't in the works for this family, they plan to take their own precaution tomorrow. >> i guess keep them away from the fireworks, and have them in the distance. and for them they can play with the sparklers. >> reporter: this year, fireworks aren't the only potentially dangerous fourth of july tradition. the scorching weather forced bay area air quality monitors to declare it a "spare the air" day, and while barbecuing was
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not illegal but it was not advised. >> we encourage them to use the gas grills because the pollute less. >> for those who insist on charcoal, air call quality contl has another request. leave the lighter fluid out. >> welcome to the alameda county fair! >> reporter: as temperatures inched towards triple digits in pleasanton, fair goers inched toward whatever shade they could fine. >> going to the misters and then jumping in the pool. >> reporter: doesn't that sound amazing? the "spare the air" day is limited to just today stop good ahead and light up the fourth of july bash bash accuses tomorrow. there could be another warning come tuesday. >> alan: thank you for bearing the heat. and a reminder, crackdown on drunk drivers continues through the fourth of july holiday
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weekend, and so far the number of dui reaftz are up from last year. the chp is reporting that officers arrest 994 drivers statewide for driving-under in the influence. at the same time last year the chp made 912 dui arrests in the bay area, officers arrested 151 impaired drivers this holiday weekend, compared with 128 arrests the same time last year. the chp says all available officers are on the road, looking for impaired drivers. >> sea plane that sank off the coast of sausolito was pulled out of the bay today. the plane attempted to take off and then hit a wake and flipped nose first. the passing boat rescued the pilot and his passengers who were not injured. we spoke the captain today. >> when i saw the plane nose in the water, and then these two guys climbing on to the wings,
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so we turned around and went right to them and asked them if they needed a lift. and they said, yeah, matter of fact we do. >> alan: took dive teams more than a day to locate the sunken plane. the police are consulting with the faa to see if the pilot violated any rules. bay area activists are holding a hunger strike outside the u.s. embassy in greece. greek authorities intercepted their boat brings aid to palestinians yesterday and arrested the can't. now the activist want washington to pressure greece to release their captain and allow them to deliver supplies to georgia a strip. the obama administration is warning the activists against participating in the flotilla, saying they might be violating u.s. law because gaza is run by hamas, recognized as a terrorist
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organization. uc berkeley alumni from around the nation are now joining a rolling hunger strike to protest the continued detention of the two hikers in iran. they're fasting in support of the two cal graduates who have been held in iran for nearly two years of spying. iranian officials released sarah shourd on bail last year. >> a strange situation uncovered inside a berkeley hotel. the discovery that brought hazmat crews to the scene. >> the wildfire that once
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>> alan: police are investigating the discovery of chemicals inside a hotel in berk limp a housekeeper discovered what turned out to be cleaning supplies inside the room and called police, who called the hazmat team. two rooms were evacuated while the hazmat team examined the substances. >> it was not explosive, seemed to be a static situation. but definitely are chemicals in the room. >> alan: a cleanup company has been called in to remove the acid inside. police are still trying to find out who was staying in that other. >> an aircraft monitoring the area near los olmos where a huge wildfire is burning is showing no increased radiation levels. rain showers gave firefighters
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some assistance, and today about 12,000 people were allowed to return home for the first time in nearly a week. >> we are not done with this fire. we're safe enough to bring our residents back but we're not to the point we're going to call it safe. in fact, the county probably won't be up and running completely until tuesday. >> alan: the fire has reached nearly 190 square miles in size. still threans sacred sites of american indian triebz. officials say the flames are miles from cliff dwellings. a story that proves you can do anything if you put your mine it to. a man's transformation from scrawny kid to strongman. and leigh glaser will let us know how long the heat will last.
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>> alan: prince william and his new wife continue their trip through canada. they joined the crew of a naval ship for a prayersomes speaking in french, prince william delivered a speech. after they wrap up their tour, the duke and dutchess of cambridge will head to california for three days. a man once considered too skinny to play high school football has become a tough dude. he pulled a mill carry -- military air craft -- it's a refueling plane. he had to get the pentagon's permission just to pull it off. mark says the point of this is pretty simple. >> this inspires people to accomplish their goals. it's possible you can do anything. might not be able to pull planes but you can eat healthy, be
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healthy, be positive. >> alan: mark is 6'4" and used to weigh 170 pounds. he now weighs in at 340. he started his transformation by lifting weights weights and eaty food. >> alan: you don't have to wait until the fourth of july to celebrate independence day. there are several events tonight. the target independence day celebration begins at 6:30 tonight at the pavilion in richmond. and the celebrate america fireworks tonight starts at 8:00 at the shoreline. a -- amphitheater in mountain view. go to for more celebrations and there's a link on our home page, and hopefully the temperatures will start dropping. >> leigh: they'll drop tomorrow. the sea breeze is already kicking in. sfo reporting wind dusts at --
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gust at 20-miles-an-hour, and that's going to cool us down. brentwood right now, 102. you're looking live now at the beach of santa cruz. they reached a high of 78. current temperature, 69. you can see why those folks are there. enjoying the nice sea breeze. acknowledge therron from brentwood. >> leigh: antioch, you're at 99. last hour you were 100. so 98 in fairfield. napa, 89. 88 in san rafael. 74, san francisco. your high was 80. 68, half moon bay, and 91 in san jose. and temperatures, thanks to the northerly winds, as we talk about last night, really warmed us up. san francisco was up 15 degrees today, up 11 degrees in oakland. up two in livermore, and san jose, you were up eight degrees. so keep it mild inleafnld
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increase the fog near the coast, and the low clouds and fog will cool us down slightly tomorrow, and then we're really going to cool down thursday, friday and saturday. you can see the satellite, the winds out of the northeast pushed the low clouds and fog off the coast. 100 plus inland. here's a look at the lows tonight. we bring the fog in overnight. 55 expected low tonight in san francisco. you'll notice this trough of low presume it's -- low pressure. that's going to shift our winds, and the cooler wind direction, so look for temperatures to come down slightly inland. still going to be hot. and we'll look for temperatures near the coast. fresno, 77. 100 for sacramento. los angeles, 85.
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tropical moisture could move into san diego, bringing a chance of a shower. 74 there. here's a look at the fourth of july forecast. fishermen's wharf, and fog developing, temperatures mild, in the 60s. at the coast, clear earl and then fog moving in. around the bay, clear skies tomorrow evening, inland, no problem at all. be able to see everything out there. warm temperatures, though. 70s to low 80s, and lake tahoe will get a nice showing with clear sky there, temperatures in the 50s. look at the highs tomorrow. they come down a few more degrees thanks to the westerly wind. 90 for campbell. 66 for half moon bay. 88. redwood city. san francisco, 72. in the north bay, temperatures still mild to warm. 92 for santa rosa. 90 for sonoma. east bay, oakland, 82. still hot. no 100s tomorrow for
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brentwood. 98, 95 for concord. and 80 for watsonville, here's a look at the forecast. slightly cooler on monday. tuesday, come up a few more degree. and the then it's all over with and the fog returns thursday, friday, and saturday, and we cool down. >> alan: we have a new wimbledon champ. >> got up early this morning to watch, breakfast at wimbledon. joke joke -- djokovic tries to show why he is number one, and
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lux. >> baseballs all-tames were announced. the giants have fourth all pitchers. tim lincecum, matt cane, brian wilson, and ryan, who got the start today against detroit. the tigers were hoping to avoid a three-game sweep. san francisco took the lead in the fifth with this chopper. the giants committed three errors. nonwere moe costly than this one by tejada. instead of being the third out, his bad throw left the bases loaded. oreordonez came through with a clutch two-rung single. 4-3 tigers. the giants have two men on. aaron rowand lines one to the gap. but raburn makes a great diving catch to end the inning. detroit wins 6-3. here is the national league all-star starting lineup.
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mccann is the catcher. the brewers have prince fielder, rickie weeks, polanco at third, reyes as short. and braun, berkman and kemp. gio gonzalez is the only thattic -- athletic going. he went seven innings and allow ud win run. oakland broke through against ian kennedy. dejesus puts the team on top with this double. the a's break it open in the sifntle conner jackson, with this one deep to left. later that same inning, sizemore delivers another two-run homer. the a's win. here's the american league all-star lineup. detroit, avia is the catcher. the infield has adrian gonzalez, and cano, rodriguez, and jeter,
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the outfielders are bautista, jeters', and ham -- hamilton. the game is tuesday in phoenix. >> since 2003 either roger federer or rafael nadal has won the men's single title in wimbledon. today novak djokovic tried to break the string. he assure himself of the number one ranking. the serb indicate out strong, takes the first set in the second, djokovic was all over the court. gets to this drop shot and comes back with one of his own. nadal won the third set but djokovic would not be denied. this was championship point. captures his first wimbledon title. gets his fifth straight win over nadal this year. the final round of the at&t national began with sacramento's nick watney and rickie fowler tied for the lead on this fourth of july week yes. time to wear the collars.
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as for fowler it was this hideous orange he wears in memory of his alma mater, oklahoma state. k.j. choi caught watney with this putt. they were tied at 12-under. though watney would pull away to win on 16. this putt nearly goes in for eagle. he would tap in for birdie. on 18, he finished with a 66. watney's second win of the year. and we'll hear from
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>> alan: coming up at 6:00. we'll go back athlete hertz rental lot where dozen of cars go up in flames, and a helicopter goes down in the east bay. the dangerous load it was carrying. join us at 6:00. and with today's hot temperatures, one item in particular at the marin county fair was in deman. >> yes. >> so good. >> alan: long lines today at the shaved ice concession stand. events include the pig races and a dance contest. the fair runs through monday and features fireworks every night. captioned by closed captioning services inc.


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